PE caps

For one of ts belgium’s customers in construction industry, we produce PE caps in different sizes. The purpose of these caps is to temporarily close a tube for protecting the piping system from moisture and dirt.

wire tensioners

ts belgium produces products for the wholesaler and installer of wire fencing as well. All kinds of brackets, base plates, wall slats, sketch plates, etc. Coated in the required RAL colours or hot dip galvanized + coated as preferred

pipe connectors and tube clamps

Hood brackets, compression rings, wire clamps, saddle flanges, corner connectors, gate locks and many more. ts belgium produces and imports high quality, hot dip galvanized and always according to your specifications.

pipe support system

SUPA is a fully modular, adjustable support system which is an economical and time saving alternative to standard welded construction. ts belgium is the official dealer of this system in Europe.

metal frames

For our customer active in greenhouse construction, we produce customized metal frames. These frames are used for storage and transport of aluminium profiles.

hinge hooks

Hinge hooks are one of our specialties. Round, square, stainless steel, hot dip galvanized, with nail or wood thread bolt – standard sizes or customized based on your requirements.

box spring parts

ts belgium is active in bedding and furniture industry. For one of our customers we produce all kind of parts for assembling box springs and slatted bases. Middle legs, connecting legs, sliding mechanisms and many more accessories.

thermal breaks

ts belgium makes thermal breaks in plastic for a manufacturer of construction materials. These thermal breaks are used for reducing thermal bridges.


ts belgium produces grating clamps and fencing clamps of very high quality.

wall brackets in stainless steel

ts belgium produces parts for the HVAC sector. Wall brackets in stainless steel are a good example.

plastic gratings

The chemical sector and food sector are using plastic gratings more and more. ts belgium is skilled in the production of gratings in different heights, sizes and finishers (concave & anti slip).

cast iron drainpipes

ts belgium produces cast iron drainpipes in different shapes, lengths and diameters for multiple construction wholesalers.



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